Additional Resources

Samuel H. Kress Foundation
The Foundation's website with information about the history of the Kress Collection and provides searchable object records for works of art.

Samuel H. Kress Foundation Archive
The Archive of the Kress Foundation comprises historic papers and other materials related to the Kress Collection, its formation, and its eventual distribution to regional and academic art museums throughout the United States. Other materials relate to the early history of the Kress Foundation, the Kress Family, and the S. H. Kress & Company Stores. (Finding Aid)

Kress Collection of Historic Images, National Gallery of Art Department of Image Collections
The Kress Foundation donated its holdings of Kress Collection photographs and negatives to the Gallery Library’s image collections department in 1977. These images have been digitized and made available online. Also digitized are images predating Kress’s purchases, as well as those made by the NGA department of Imaging and Digital services up until circa 2006. This includes both traditional and conservation photography. Object records link to these images when available and in some cases the Object record image was obtained from this collection.

New York University Institute of Fine Arts Kress Program in Paintings Conservation
This program funded by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation provides conservation services to regional and study collections of Kress paintings and sculpture, and offers a specialized training opportunity for graduate students studying conservation of old master works.

Getty Provenance Index
This collection of digital records provides access to archival inventories, sales catalogs, and dealer stock books, which include documentation of some Kress purchases.

Archives of American Art
Research center of the Smithsonian Institution dedicated to collecting, preserving, and providing access to primary sources that document the history of the visual arts in America. With holdings related to the Kress Collection, including the papers of René Gimpel and records of Jacques Seligmann & Co.

Kress Provenance Research Project
A National Gallery of Art project, directed by Nancy H. Yeide and conducted by Fulvia Zaninelli, that surveyed and assembled extant provenance information on all Kress Collection paintings, conducted in-depth research, and published updated information between May 2013 and October 2016. Object records include this provenance data. The cumulative index of owners, dealers, and agents of works in the Kress Collection is available on the Samuel H. Kress Foundation website.

Complete Catalogue of the Samuel H. Kress Collection
The Kress Foundation sponsored nine-volume illustrated catalog that was published between 1964 and 1977 by Phaidon Press. Written by leading art historians these remain authoritative scholarship on the works in the Kress Collection.

Italian Paintings, XIII-XV Century, 1966 (pdf)
Italian Paintings, XV - XVI Century, 1968 (pdf)
Italian Paintings, XVI-XVIII Century, 1973 (pdf)
European Paintings Excluding Italian, 1977 (pdf)
European Sculpture, XIV-XIX Century, 1976 (pdf)
Tapestries at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1964 (pdf)
Renaissance Medals at the National Gallery of Art, 1967 (pdf)
Renaissance Bronzes, 1965 (pdf)
Decorative Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1964 (pdf)

National Gallery of Art Systematic Catalogues and Online Editions
Many Kress paintings, sculpture, and decorative art objects in the collection of the National Gallery of Art have been published in a Systematic Catalogue. These catalogs describe a specific period, medium, and/or geographic school of each art object, and include technical notes with detailed narrative information on the condition and conservation history.

Many of the technical summary notes from the catalog entries are available as part of the Gallery's online collection object records. In recent years the Systematic Catalogues have been published digitally as NGA Online Editions, with entries wholly incorporated into the online collection object records, including images. Links to the relevant Systematic Catalogues (digital versions) or Library catalog records are included in object records. More will be added as they become available.

Dutch Paintings of the Seventeenth Century, 2014 (Online Edition)
Early Netherlandish Painting, 1986 (pdf of book)
European Sculpture of the Nineteenth Century, 2000 (pdf of book)
Flemish Paintings of the Seventeenth Century, 2005 (Library record for book)
French Paintings of the Fifteenth through Eighteenth Century, 2009 and 2017 (Online Edition) (Library record for book) *only entries for paintings by Boucher, Clouet, Fragonard, Robert, and Watteau are included in the Online Edition.
French Paintings of the Nineteenth Century. Part I: Before Impressionism [1800-1859], 2000 (pdf of book)
German Paintings of the Fifteenth through Seventeenth Centuries, 1993 (pdf of book)
Italian Paintings of the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries, 2016 (Online Edition)
Italian Paintings of the Fifteenth Century, 2003 (Library record for book
Italian Paintings of the Sixteenth Century, 2019 (Online Edition) *only the entries for paintings by Titian, Tintoretto, and Veronese are included in the Online Edition.
Italian Paintings of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, 1996 (pdf of book)
Renaissance Medals (two volumes), 2007 (Library record for book)
Spanish Paintings of the Fifteenth through Nineteenth Centuries, 1990 (pdf of book)
Western Decorative Arts. Part 1: Medieval, Renaissance, and Historicizing Styles including Metalwork, Enamels, and Ceramics, 1993 (pdf of book)

Other publications

Studying and Conserving Paintings: Occasional Papers on the Samuel H. Kress Collection, 2006 (pdf)

Ishikawa, Chiyo. A Gift to America : Masterpieces of European Painting from the Samuel H. Kress Collection. New York, 1994. (Library record for book)

Mack, Charles R., and Argiri Aggelopoulou. European Art in the Columbia Museum of Art, Including the Samuel H. Kress Collection. Columbia, 2009. (Library record for book)

Rowlands, Eliot W. The Collections of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art: Italian Paintings, 1300-1800 (1996). (Library record for book)

Shapley, Fern Rusk. Catalogue of the Italian Paintings. Washington, DC: National Gallery of Art, 1979. 2 vols. (Library record for book)

Wilson, Carolyn C. Italian Paintings XIV–XVI Centuries in the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (1996). (Library record for book)